Solving complex combustion technology challenges with fluid dynamics

    Anne-Marie Schelkens     Webinar Recording     03.06.2020



Combustion technology encompasses almost every side of our modern life: from burning coal for power generation to oil burning for our own home heating.

Modeling the high complexity of combustion applications has always been a challenge for CFD engineers. Multiple species are at stake with complex physical and chemical reactions. Conjugate heat transfer and radiation have a large impact on the control of the temperature distribution and on combustion efficiency. 

In the constant progress of combustion technology, economic and social pressures for the protection of our environment are increasing. To comply with pollution regulations, new tools are needed to closely monitor the emissions of NOx and CO2.

NUMECA’s response to these requirements is the development of combustion models integrated into the new environment OMNIS™ to get the fastest high fidelity solutions and dedicated post-processing tools to control the formation of chemical emissions.


In this 30-minutes webinar, we will cover:

  • Introduction to combustion engineering challenges

  • Presentation of the combustion methodology (premixed, non-premixed and partially premixed)

  • Recent complex validation applications

  • Demonstration of a generic gas turbine combustor in OMNIS™



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Anne-Marie is Sr CFD Marketing Manager at Cadence. Before joining Cadence in 2021, she was the Head of Marketing at Numeca International until it was acquired by Cadence. Earlier in her career she held various roles in the automotive and ICT industries, based in Belgium and Spain.