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Uncertainty Quantification

With NUMECA’s automated Uncertainty Quantification module, designers now have the capability to easily quantify the effect of input parameters' uncertainty on CFD results. Through an intuitive interface, the UQ module allows users to set input parameters' uncertainty prescribed by arbitrary PDFs, combine them and analyze its effect on the solution.

With this new tool from NUMECA, you will be able to reduce the risks associated with your simulation based design decision process, by:

  • Specifying input uncertainties as probability density functions (pdf)
  • Running the fully automated chain from simulation set-up, geometry modification, meshing and post-processing
  • Obtaining predicted quantities with uncertainty bars 
  • Obtaining predicted quantities as probability density functions, instead of single values, defining hereby a range of confidence 



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Key features

  • Non-deterministic specific menu
  • Quantify the influence of operational, geometrical and manufacturing uncertainties
  • Different probability density function can be set for each uncertainty
  • Pre-defined or user-defined probability density functions can be used
  • Turbomachinery performance map with error bars
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