An additional dimension to your meshing solution

Three-dimensional finite element mesh generator Gmsh is the most widely used open source meshing software in the world today, with a community of thousands of users both in academia and industry. Through a recently established partnership, Cadence and Gmsh's inventors will co-develop a professional version of Gmsh, Gmsh-Pro, within Cadence’s multiphysics environment Fidelity™, extending its capabilities in terms of performance, ease-of-use and CAD links, to a wide range of new applications in CAE and multiphysics. This new version will be available by 2022.

Gmsh can be integrated within any commercial software solution or can be used stand-alone. Contact us and we can introduce it in your workflow.

Easily describe and import geometries

Geometries can easily be described in Gmsh with a built-in scripting language or, for more complex geometries, with a Gmsh API in the language of choice: C++, C, Python or Julia.

These geometries can be imported and parametrized using the OpenCASCADE geometry kernel, giving access to all customary constructive solid geometry operations.

Wide variety of finite element meshing options

1D, 2D and 3D finite element meshes can be generated, using i. e. line segments, triangles and tetrahedrons, with fine control over the element size.

Meshes can be structured, unstructured and hybrid and they can be isotropic or anisotropic. Structured and unstructured meshes can be combined by using a layer of pyramids in 3D.

High-order curved meshes, conform to CAD model geometry, are not a problem. High-order mesh optimization tools are in place to guarantee the validity of these curved meshes.

Visualize and export computational results in a great variety of ways. Gmsh can display scalar, vector and tensor datasets, perform various operations on the resulting post-processing views and can generate complex animations.


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