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OMNIS™: NUMECA Multiphysics Simulation Platform


OMNIS™ Platform is a fully integrated and highly productive environment for end-to-end simulations, design exploration and optimization. It allows to set-up and co&post-process all your simulation projects in one unique environment, compatible with all NUMECA products : FINE™/Open, FINE™/Turbo, FINE™/Marine as well as our latest OMNIS™/LB. This translates a large flexibility in running different solvers with direct access to instantaneous visualization (co-processing) of your RANS, URANS, LES or Lattice Boltzmann calculations.

OMNIS™ Platform has a Python and C++ API to plug in any proprietary or open source solver. You can plug in your solver and benefit from the advanced OMNIS™ CAD, pre and post processing and optimisation capabilities.

Dedicated best-in-class tools are deployed from within a single, modern and intuitive interface, which is wrapped around a massively efficient and highly productive CAE platform. OMNIS™ is architectured to cover the requirements of all CFD users, from entry-level CAD centric users looking for rapid insights into the physics, or higher level fluid experts willing to get advantage of NUMECA's higher level CFD codes and accuracy.

Moreover it is geared to support the entire design toolchain from preliminary and detailed design to simulation and optimisation (integration of FINE™/Design3D soon to be announced).

OMNIS™ removes technical compromises and usability barriers, so that the best tools are intelligently and easily deployed for each job.









Key features

OMNIS™/HEXPRESS enables you to:

  • Import, and Edit your CAD model
  • Dynamically adapt the triangulation
  • Repair the geometry with advanced tools: Cap Holes, Extrude faces, Remove Features, Loft and Revolve curves
  • Create your domain and define multiple designs
  • Use HEXPRESS™/Hybrid most advanced capabilities:
    • Choose between HYBRID and Full HEX mesh
    • Define different refinement modes
    • Set surface and volume refinements
    • Use Proximity refinement to capture specific features of the geometry
  • Generate the mesh. Analyse the result with the quality histograms and color contour. Isolate and display the cells by quality criteria ranges.
  • Export your mesh in various formats to be used with NUMECA and various other solvers such as Ansys Fluent and CFX, OpenFoam, Siemens Star CCM+ ...             (.sph , .hex , .msh , .ccm)

OMNIS™/Open, available as technology preview, lets you:

  • Import a mesh or create it directly with all the capabilities of OMNIS™/HEXPRESS
  • Set-up a mono domain CFD simulation with perfect gas
  • Co-processing of your simulations
  • Monitor the convergence with the integrated monitor
  • Enable the Co-processing capability to see the solution evolving during convergence
  • Create local values, isolines, color contours, vector fields and iso-surfaces
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