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NUMECA offers advanced grid generation and CFD tools for modeling complex flow phenomena in hydraulic machine components within a short project timeframe.

Our integrated software environments, such as FINE™/TurboFINE™/Open with OpenLabs and FINE™/Design3D, provide analysis tools and solutions for:

  • Unsteady phenomena e.g. rotor/stator interactions
  • Optimization of components e.g. optimized runner geometry
  • Performance characteristics of hydro machines at the design stage
  • Hydraulic and kinetic losses, prediction of energy loss, head, power consumption, efficiency, thrust and torque
  • Fluid-structure interactions
  • Cavitation phenomena and mixture of several fluids

NUMECA offers industrial CFD solutions and engineering services covering a wide range of hydropower applications, from Francis turbines to hydro turbine generator simulations.

Software Products

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