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NUMECA offers advanced solutions dedicated to the automotive industry. FINE™/Open with OpenLabs covers a wide range of applications including aerodynamics, thermal management, aeroacoustics and cabin comfort. Furthermore, NUMECA offers HEXPRESS™/Hybrid, an innovative meshing tool capable of easily generating hybrid, conformal meshes for complex geometries, thanks to the automated CAD cleaning step.

Automotive applications cover a wide spectrum of analysis that includes:

  • Aerodynamics (Aerodynamic efficiency, Crosswind stability,  Panel deformation, Soiling & Water management)
  • Thermal Management (Cooling airflows, Thermal protection, Electronics and battery cooling, Brake Cooling)
  • Climate Control (HVAC system and fan noise, Defrost and demist, Cabin comfort, HVAC unit and distribution system)
  • Powertrain (Engine Flow and Combustion)
  • Aeroacoustics

NUMECA’s solutions for the automotive industry span a wide range of areas, from vehicle aerodynamics and thermal management to power train and NVH. 

Software Products

Application Cases

Multi-Disciplinary Optimization of a FORD Turbocharger Compressor Design

Numeca’s FINE™/Design3D offers the right solution for the multi-disciplinary optimization of a FORD turbocharger compressor design.

Honda Automobile explains how they save CPU time with HEXPRESS™/Hybrid

We massively invested in NUMECA solutions more than 2 years ago, and are very satisfied with the level of precision they provide us.“ Dr.Takiguchi, Chief Engineer at Honda Automobile R&D Center.

Side Mirror Noise with Adaptive Spectral Reconstruction

A new method called Adaptive Spectral Reconstruction (ASR) for thestochastic reconstruction of broadband aeroacoustic sources starting from steady CFD analyses is presented and applied to the evaluation of the noise radiated by a model automotive side mirror.

Accelerating the design process by meshing unclean CAD directly

The following case study provides an example of how HEXPRESS™/Hybrid can be used for treating unclean CAD and meshing it in less than a day for this kind of configuration.

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