Technology Deep Dive - Fluid Dynamics solutions for multiphysics and combustion simulation

    Yannick Baux     Presentation     03.10.2019

Modeling real-world combustion problems requires real-world solutions, with a limited response time.

This is why NUMECA has developed dedicated CFD solutions, featuring density and pressure-based Navier-Stokes as well as Lattice Boltzmann solvers. Whichever solver meets the needs of the design, the turn around time is guaranteed to be fast.

Almost no set-up time is needed, and our robust meshing solution can handle unclean geometries with very limited engineering input.

With built-in, world-leading expertise and an engineering environment that accelerates your design flow from initial concept through simulation, analysis and optimization, NUMECA assists you in every step of your design process.

This presentation gives you a short overview of the capabilities OMNIS™ has to offer for the Multiphysics and Combustion simulations.




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Posted by Yannick Baux
Yannick graduated as Energy and Environmental engineer from the French engineer school INSA Lyon. After working for six years as a CFD consultant and part-time lecturer, he joined NUMECA in 2016 as turbomachinery products and applications manager.