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Are you looking to perform high-fidelity flow simulations, possibly from an unclean complex geometry, but don’t want to invest weeks to create a high quality mesh?

Do you want to simulate highly complex cases ideally capturing transient flow behavior, but you know this could probably take months of run time to obtain a result?

Does your system include moving parts that mesh together, intertwine or enter into contact and you look for a solution that avoids remeshing or mesh deformation?

If you’ve replied ‘YES’ to any one of the above points, you should attend this exciting webinar on our OMNIS™/LB solution.


OMNIS™/LB allows you to capture mesoscopic transient behavior, free-surface flows, body-to-body motion, conjugate heat transfer, non-newtonian rheology, surface tension... thanks to the powerful Lattice Boltzmann solver technology.

During the workshop we will also cover the Multiphisics application with FINE™/Open with OpenLabs™: compressible and uncompressible fluid, cavitation, combustion, radiation, fluid-structure interaction. A single solution for several simulation request and with CPU-Booster even 3-5 time faster than traditional codes.


Topics covered during the workshop:

  • Introduction to Lattice-Boltzman method, its benefits, modeling capabilities and a range of various applications
  • How to manage very complex geometry
  • OMNIS™/LB applied to gear-boxes
  • Conjugate heat transfer analysis


Date:  Thursday May 31st, 2018 from 09:30AM to 5:00PM

MILANO: NH Hotel President Largo Augusto, 10

Largo Augusto, 10

20122 Milano, Italy


Don’t miss out! Registration for the seminar is free but mandatory and space is limited.

Any questions about the event? Contact us:

This workshop is organized by NSI Numerical Solutin ITALIA.

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