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Join us for a special webinar dedicated to accelerated pump design, analysis and optimization on the 17th of April 2018.

With the latest standards and regulations becoming ever more stringent, improving efficiency of your designs becomes key. This implies controlling every part of the process, from the very initial design to the actual final product.

Uncertainties are creeping in at every step of the process, how can you ensure your design is optimal?

With Numeca – Concepts’ NREC fully integrated toolchain, you can now design, analyze and optimize your pump all in one environment.

In this exciting webinar we will show you:

  • The complete workflow from preliminary design to detailed design and analysis - shown LIVE on a real centrifugal pump.
  • How to optimize the design, in a fully automatic way with powerful tools made simple.

This event will be aired at two different times to make sure that it is convenient for you to attend.

Each session lasts for approximatively 30 minutes followed-up by a Q/A.


Live session 1: April 17 at 10:00AM CET

Speaker: Domenico Mendicino, Product Manager Turbomachinery Preliminary Design, NUMECA International.

10:00AM (Brussels), 17:00PM (Beijing), 18:00PM (Tokyo)

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Live session 2: April 17 at 10:00AM PDT

Speaker: Alain Demeulenaere, Managing Director, NUMECA-USA.

10:00AM (San Francisco), 13:00PM (New York), 19:00PM (Brussels)

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  • All registrants must state a professional or company/academic institution affiliation.
  • PC-based attendees:  Windows® 7, Windows® 10, Vista, XP or 2003 Server
  • Macintosh®-based attendees: Mac OS® X 10.5 or newer

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