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Cadence has developed CFD solvers that are up to 20x faster faster than any others on the market, allowing engineers to run multiple design points and geometry variations to ensure maximum product performance. 

Components range from multi-stage axial, radial and mixed-flow configurations (compressors, turbines, pumps, fans, propellers or contra-rotating propellers) to combustion models including tabulated chemistry models (Flamelet / Equilibrium, Bray-Moss-Libby, Hybrid BML/flamelet, Flamelet Generated Manifolds method) to oil & gas.

Our solutions can take into account uncertainties in operating conditions as well as manufacturing uncertainties, so engineers can simulate under real-world conditions and further enhance the reliability of their CFD results.

Almost no set-up time is needed: our robust meshing solution can handle unclean geometries with very limited engineering input.

With built-in, world-leading expertise and an engineering environment that accelerates your design flow from initial concept through simulation, analysis and optimization, Cadence assists you in every step of your design process.

Application dedicated CFD software

Cadence’s CFD solutions enable a fully-automated, end-to-end workflow for turbomachinery with tools such as:

  • Dedicated CAE modules for performing preliminary meanline design and 3D optimization 
  • A suite of  robust structured and unstructured meshing tools for generating high quality grids
  • The fastest and most accurate integrated solvers for turbomachinery, developed to maximize HPC performance 
  • With the Non-Linear Harmonics method, users can solve transient behavior 100 times faster, capturing clocking, blade row interactions, inlet distortion etc...
  • Innovative optimization modules for convergence acceleration, unsteady simulation, and uncertainty quantification
  • A whole suite of aero- and vibro-acoustic tools for noise source identification and propagation
  • Advanced flow visualization and analysis post-processing tools 
  • Full-engine 3D CFD simulation: From compressor inlet to exhaust hood, using one single tool

Solutions can be rolled out on premises, On-Demand via dedicated HPC Cloud Computing Resources or a powerful combination of both.



Omnis™ - From design to results analysis, the entire CAE workflow in ONE single environment

One single integrated multiphysics environment for all steps in the simulation process, powered by the fastest solvers on the market.

Accurately predict real-world product performance through multiphysics simulation. Run all of your simulations in one place and change from one physics to another by the simple click of a button. 

Steer product design from start to finish through a highly automated and streamlined workflow.

Fidelity-to-Need - Built for the simplest to the most advanced simulation needs.

Tutorial on turbomachinery design with Omnis       Watch video

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“Thanks to Cadence our CFD workflow is accelerated drastically. Another great point is that we can mesh, solve and post-process with only one single license. And even unsteady computations are a practical possibility now because of the NLH method." Systemair


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