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The following case study provides an example of how HEXPRESS™/Hybrid can be used for treating unclean CAD and meshing it in less than a day for this kind of configuration.

Despite all the progress done in CFD in the recent years, one of the biggest bottlenecks remains unclean CAD. Today the standard in the industry is to spend weeks on manual CAD cleaning using special dedicated software, which can take more than 50% of the engineering time. NUMECA International is proud to present HEXPRESS™/Hybrid, the first software that offers an automatic solution which can be used to close complete car configurations. The following case study provides an example of how HEXPRESS™/Hybrid can be used for treating unclean CAD and meshing it in less than a day for this kind of configuration.

HEXPRESS™/Hybrid is a volume‐to‐surface mesher that uses an octree method that includes automatic edge capturing and flexible viscous layers. One of the main advantages is that HEXPRESS™/Hybrid allows skipping the CAD cleaning, surface wrapping and surface meshing by directly creating a volume mesh on unclean CAD.

The state-of-the-art in CFD processes at the moment is a first phase, where the CAD is simplified and cleaned. During this process, parts which are not important for CFD simulations (electric cables, interior, seats, trunk, etc) are deleted and a watertight surface is created. This simplified and closed geometry typically has a triangulation of 2 to 4 million elements. HEXPRESS™/Hybrid has been used extensively in meshing these geometries prepared for CFD analysis. HEXPRESS™/Hybrid’s ability to work directly from the original CAD files is what makes it unique.

Typically a CAD of a complete car consists of around 20 files or parts where each one of these can have a triangulation of 5 to 30 million elements.

On a complete car the HoleSearcher can be used to close the geometry automatically. From there a high quality hex‐dominant mesh can be generated in a matter of days!

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