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Software Development Careers


As a Software Engineer at NUMECA, you will be a key actor and implement creative, new solutions, interact with experts in development, build projects with your collaborators using the Agile Method. 

You will have the opportunity to work on our new software environment for CFD simulations, including innovative GUI, integrated CAD preparation, 3D meshing and post processing capabilities, advanced solvers for structures, fluids & acoustics, optimization and machine learning techniques, in a full distributed client-server approach.

Do you have a passion for programming? Are you a good communicator with analytical skills? A teamplayer and a stress-resistant problem solver?

Then don't hesitate! You can apply spontaneously by sending us your motivation letter and CV, plus relevant technical papers, reports, references etc to, indicating reference job number: DEVSoft-19.

Or go through the specific open positions we have at the moment in the list below.


Required qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or equivalent

  • Good knowledge of object oriented programming

  • Knowledge of algorithms and software integration / engineering

  • Good knowledge of C++

  • Fluency in English

The additional qualifications are:

  • Knowledge of Python, LINUX, Qt/Qml and of Agile methodology

  • Knowledge of machine learning

  • Dutch and/or French


Current Open Positions


Graphical User Interface Software Engineer

You will be responsible for developing, enhancing and maintaining the graphical user interfaces of our new software product suite.

Software Engineer - OMNIS Environment

Contribute to the development and architecture of the new generation OMNIS platform aimed at hosting external solvers through plugins.

CAD Software Development Engineer

Develop CAD modeling tools for the creation of 3D CAD geometries as well CAD repair tools for the preparation of input geometries to CFD workflows.