NUMECA is focused on innovation in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and multiphysics analysis and optimization. NUMECA has been FIRST to develop these unique, state-of-the-art software systems:

  • Full Hex Automatic Meshing Solutions and Integrated CAD Cleaning with AutoGrid5™, HEXPRESS and HEXPRESS/Hybrid
  • Ultra-Fast Multiphysics CFD solvers with the CPU-Booster
  • Full unsteady multistage turbomachinery simulation with the Nonlinear Harmonic (NLH) method, leading to a CPU gain of 2  to 3, in orders of magnitude, compared to full unsteady simulations
  • Full-Integrated blade shape optimization with FINE/Design3D and AutoBlade™ for all types of turbomachinery
  • OpenLabs, enabling the creation of your own CFD and multiphysics models without any programming
  • Full integrated Aero-Vibro acoustic-CFD system with FINE™/Acoustics and Flow-Noise for fast broadband noise predictions
  • Complete CFD environment dedicated to naval architects and marine engineers: FINE™/Marine
  • The module for Uncertainty Quantification to reduce the risks associated to your simulation based design decision process 

With creative teams all over the world, we deliver the best in software, R&D, support and services.